Can You Buy a Tractor on Credit

The short answer is yes, given that the cost of many tractors runs into thousands of dollars, some of the big ones costing upwards of 60 – $70,000 US. For many people the marilyn need for a tractor or some type of agricultural machinery is a commercial necessity, and as such getting the right credit deal in order to buy or lease one is really important.

A number of manufacturers have their own specific credit companies, which offer deals to potential customers, normally along the same lines as any commercial bank or credit union. The appeal to someone looking to buy a tractor of using a manufacturers credit company is that they look to purchase the tractor and arrange finance at the same time.

Whilst this is certainly convenient, there is or was the danger that this can blur the financial arrangements, in terms of the purchaser unable to negotiate the best price on the tractor, as well as obtain the best credit terms.

If going down this road, then it is important that the potential customer, at least in his own mind, keeps the two totally separate. Knowing the price of the tractor, both as a list price and a dealership price, as well as the cost of any implements or attachments that may be needed, can be invaluable in terms of knowing what type of deal can be arranged.

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