The Dangers of Algal Bloom

Never take for granted the small signs of algae in your water system: algae multiply quickly that they can almost swathe the entire pond or lake and, worse, destroy the pond and its inhabitants.

These tiny plant-like organisms grow drastically in any water features, whether on fresh water or marine environment. The rapid increase of algae is popularly known as algae bloom. The existence of phytoplankton species can aggravate the growth of algae. Algae bloom can manifest anytime, particularly during summer or spring, and thrive in any places where water is copious such as wetlands and waterways.

Algae are part of the natural aquatic ecosystem. They provide food and protection to fish and other marine organisms. They help the aquatic ecosystem from getting enough nutrients and filtering heavy metals. There are approximately 3,000 species of fresh water algae found in Australia alone, but the number of undiscovered species is continuously rising.

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