Struggle of Women In Tech Marketing Jobs

Appointment of Ruth Porat, as Chief Financial Officer at Google, may be symbolized as an empowerment of women in tech marketing jobs. But, it’s sad that this glory is dimmed down with the actual data showing the decline in the ratio of tech jobs held by women. According to the study of the American Association of University Women, which is an NGO, on a mission to promote gender equality, the percentage of women in computing jobs has significantly fallen over last 23 years. The data reveals an uncomforting fact for the fairer sex; where women constituted 35% of the total tech workforce in 1990, the share dipped to 26% in 2013, painting a skewed image of tech jobs in the favour of male professionals. The study also alarms about the falling numbers of women earning computing degrees.

The reasons of this decline can be discovered in the untold stories of inequality and discrimination, women face in their everyday professional life in tech world, be it for the promotion list or appreciation for their hard work. Although, the society applaud women for scaling heights in every sphere of work and their substantial contribution to the world economy, still millions of success stories, though scripted by women, were grabbed by the “boys club of silicon valley”. Of all such cases, only a few are raised. One such case is of Whitney Wolfe, who has worked hard to promote a mobile dating app (called Tinder) with different marketing strategies and executed them herself. But at the time of recognition, when Tinder’s profile was written, there was no mention of her hard work.

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