Turbulent 20th Century – Pre-War and Post War Immigrant Experiences

Emmanuel (Manolis) Lisgos

Emmanuel Lisgos was born in the little village of Istrios in Rhodes Island in 1912 and grew up at a time when the Dodecanese Islands were under Italian occupation.

With the rise of Benito Mussolini and Italian fascism, active resistance became more pronounced throughout the Dodecanese after 1926.

It was during this period that Manoli became a part of an underground organization dedicated for national liberation of his homeland and for union with Greece.

Press censorship, secret police, the exclusion of Greek labor from public works and land left uncultivated for three years or more were given to settlers from Italy. Schools were required to teach Italian and the Greek Orthodox faith of the majority of the inhabitants was strongly discouraged to bring them under greater Italian control.

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