What Is Your Kitchen Style?

Don’t worry about following the latest kitchen style trends. Follow your own or, better yet, create your own. After all, we all have our own favorite color. And we don’t let anyone else select that for us either.

No two kitchens are alike… just like no two people are alike. We all have our preferences in tastes and kitchen styles. If you are confused about what your style may be, read on, the following will make the decision easier or it may confuse you some more.


Usually characterized by steeply pitched roofs, pointed arched windows, elaborate trim along roof edges, high dormers, lancet windows and other Gothic details on the outside.

Victorian kitchen styles are known for a level of elegance. Handcrafted and highly detailed cabinets of heavy, dark, weathered wood. The doors to the cabinets can be cathedral or squared. Cabinets are usually weathered looking and made of heavy, real wood. hardware for the cabinets may be chrome pulls and knobs. Wood countertops included.

This group also uses detailed moldings, columns, and graceful arches as common architectural elements. Light fixture range from chandeliers, kerosene and electric lamps to astrals, or sconces helping to complete the look.

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