Many Available Options For Cement Fiber House Siding

With all the different options available, it can be hard to decide what product to use to side your house. Many people just go with the most common options like vinyl siding or wood siding. However, cement fiber house siding should really be considered because there are a lot of advantages to using this sort of siding. best deck paint for old wood

This type of siding doesn’t rot, get eaten by termites, burn, warp, melt, shrink, or get damaged if there is a storm. It is environmentally friendly and very durable. You can get it pre-finished in a color or stain, or you can get a version primed for painting whatever color you might desire. Unlike wood siding, you don’t need to repaint this siding all the time.

Hardie Board Siding is probably the best known version of cement fiber house siding. One advantage to their products is that they come with a 30 to 50 year transferable warranty. They also have a lot of different choices for styles. Pre-finished options are available in your choice of 27 different colors. If you prefer lap siding, you can get it in 9 different styles, four of which are available pre-finished or unprimed. Those who like the look of shingle siding have four different styles to choose from, two of which are available pre-finished or unprimed. There are also four different options for vertical siding that come either pre-finished or just primed.

Another company that is well known and offers cement fiber house siding is CertainTeed. They have even more choices available than Hardie for styles and colors. There are pre-finished options, stained options, and primed options available in this brand of cement fiber house siding. Pre-finished options include Textured Beaded Lap, Random Square Straight Edge (5″ or 7″ Exposure), Random Square Staggered Edge (7″ exposure), or Cedar Lap styles, all available in sixteen colors with a wood grain finish. Stained options are available in a choice of six colors and a wood grain finish and include Textured Dutch Lap, Textured Beaded Lap, Shingles with Shadowline, Shingles, Random Squared Straight Edge (5″ or 7″ exposure), Random Squared Staggered Edge (7″ exposure), Octagons (7″ exposure), Half Rounds (7″ Exposure), and Cedar No Groove Vertical Panel. If you prefer to do the painting yourself or if you don’t like the color options available, you can get the primed versions of these styles as well.

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