What Trading Psychology And Feng Shui Have In Common

I know, a weird title and an even weirder combination of subjects. Please bear with me for a second: I have traded since 2001. On my trading journey learned one big thing, which I call the unified theory of trading success. This thing is that absolutely everything is connected.

Let me explain:

Traders and humans at large are so used to thinking in boxes that we overlook the biggest, simplest law of our existence that influences how we create our (trading) success. I am talking about how consciousness works.

Consciousness permeates everything, that’s the universal law.

This law basically means that everything you look at and experience in your trading world is experienced through your consciousness first, before you become aware of the individual boxes which your mind has set up like a filter system, so that you can make sense of all the different experiences.

Here is the rub: Your mind processes most of its experiences subconsciously.

The tendency to see things as separate creates a skewed view of the world. It also makes you take the wrong action, because you act on the illusion of separation as if it where real.

Box thinking stops you from seeing what Feng Shui and trading have in common.

Have you ever considered that consciousness sees literally everything before you give the experience a value?

For example: You value a good trade set up as worthy of your attention, just as you would value a nice looking beach as a motivation to develop better trading habits. Yet, you know that the beach is not your reality today, because your office is dark and it’s raining, or snowing outside. That’s your reality as you see it.

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