How a Nursing Home Liability Brought Sunshine to Retirement


That’s the word you could use to describe the eighty plus woman living in the aging facility. There would have to be a few more adjectives added to really do her justice. How about youthful? Fun loving? Adorable? Life of the party? Saintly? Yes, those and more could have accurately described Fay Sunnenshine.

But let’s start from the beginning.

When Fay’s children accompanied her for a preliminary visit to the aging services facility, the admission staff was doubtful. Here was a smiling woman that clearly presented a fall risk. The claim control department had a hard time allowing her residency.

It was equally as hard not allowing her resident status in the nursing home, however.
“You’ve got to get to know me,” said Fay, as the top brass voiced their opposition. “See my smile? I’ll get the entire population of Green Meadows Aging Center to smile the same way!”

You needed an uncommonly hard heart to debate that argument. So the professionals at Green Meadows conferred with their insurance agency who did their homework exceedingly well.

“Although Mrs. Sunnenshine does indeed pose more of a tendency as a fall claim risk, you’ve got good coverage,” the agent said most assuredly. “You’re connected with one of the top insurance providers nationwide. Use their guidance for fall prevention and claim management and you should be fine with this new resident.”

Fay was admitted and sure enough, the atmosphere at Green Meadows began to shift from the doldrums to a highly uplifted atmosphere! Fay’s jolly laughter filled the halls and dining room as she mesmerized her growing audience of wheelchair occupants and walker-walkers.

One notable story put even the staff members in stitches, and it illustrated the real stuff Fay was made of. Hailing from inner-city New York, Fay moved to a small NJ town in her middle years. Accustomed to standing up for her rights, as well as those of any innocent bystander who happened to be within her range and under attack by the local hoodlums, it seemed that nobody ever was able to fully take advantage of her. As an unsavory type of hooligan thought he could have an easy time with little Miss Fay, she proved him decisively wrong.

The would-be robber approached Faye and menacingly demanded the full contents of her purse. Faye reached inside, took out only one single five dollar bill out and threw it in disgust by the curb of the sidewalk. “Here you, wretched person!” she proclaimed. And with pocketbook in one hand, and head held high, she marched indignantly down the street!

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