5 Reasons Time is Not on Your Side When Purchasing Long Term Care Insurance

Do you really think you’ll be healthy at the age of 60, 70, 80 … or 90 even? You can run up ten flights of stairs now, but will you be able to set a personal best 10, 20 years from now? If you are, what’s the secret?

Nobody can predict the future and when it comes to your health, it’s even more difficult. You feel great now, why shouldn’t you later in life? And here is the predicament: we DO feel great now, so it’s all too easy to ignore the inevitable process of aging. So why even worry about something such as long term care insurance? One word: time. Browse the web, read articles, learn more about LTC insurance and you see time is your enemy.

Here are 5 reasons you should at least consider long term care insurance now, not later.

  • Purchase it at a younger age and you’ll be covered now, not later. Sounds obvious, but you probably didn’t know a recent study just uncovered that nearly 84% of those needing long term care services were under the age of 65. Yikes.
  • Right now you can qualify for LTC insurance. Tomorrow you may not be able to. Basically, prepare for the worst. I know, we’re bad at that, but consider it.
  • In this economy, no one wants to throw away money (or has the money to throw away) which is why purchasing long term care insurance at a young age can save significant amounts of money down the road. (Yes the economy better improve by than, but there are no guarantees anymore!) Purchase it now and not only will you get the lowest price, but the coverage cannot be taken away.
  • Right now you are young and healthy which means you’re most likely going to have an easier time finding a good policy. There will be more LTCI providers to choose from.

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