5 Must Have Accessories For Your Truck

Making the cab of your truck and the sleeper a home away from home takes a bit of planning and budgeting, but it is a very worthwhile investment. After all you want to be able to pull off the road and relax in your truck, not feel like you are deprived of the comforts of home.

Once you get the basics; a table, mattress, storage space, a refrigerator and microwave, you can start to add those cool little extras. These items are not always all that expensive and they real add to the features and functionality of your truck cab and sleeper.

1. Power Inverter/Charger

This is a cool little device that hooks up directly to your truck battery or a bank of batteries to convert it to usable AC power in the cab and sleeper. The benefit of having an inverter/charger options is that if you have the ability to connect to an outside power source when you are parked it will automatically keep the batteries in the bank fully charged and ready, without any concern about power drain.

The AC power can be used in the sleeper to run any type of electrical appliance. This means you can watch TV, charge your phone and laptop, run your refrigerator and even have a cooktop just like the one at home. This is also a great way to run heaters and air conditioners or sleeper fans in the truck to keep the temperature just the way you want it. Having this capacity to draw from a battery bank also means you don’t have to keep the truck idling when you want to use power, a great way to save on the cost of fuel.

2. Cupboards And Cabinets

Customizing your sleeper with cupboards and cabinets that are similar to those used in campers and RVs is a real time and energy saver. Everything can be put in storage containers in the cabinet area and secured in place. In addition the doors or drawers in the units are locked when the truck is in motion, preventing spills and endless picking up of containers that slide across the floor.

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