The Bribery Challenge – Businesses, Unions, or Government, Who Should We Blame

Not long ago, I talked to a fairly wealthy entrepreneur. She told me that she didn’t know anyone who was in the mega-wealthy class, which would be the top 1/10 of 1%, that is to say multi-multi –millionaire who had not earned their money in business through cheating or bribing. I asked her if she meant crony capitalism. She just said; “whatever” and she admitted to me that she had bribed government officials, but she never got caught. It made me want to throw up, and she could see by look on my face that I was somewhat disgusted with her attitude, not just about a business, but because of the ethics issue.

Now then, one could say that a business dealing with massive regulations which should not be there in the first place, or an entrepreneur or corporation wishing to get rid of their competitors might use lobbying techniques, or slide of the hand bribery to try to game the system, fix the rules, or get an manage over that competitor. It’s not that I think that is okay, it’s clearly not, and it is against the law, but I am not naïve, it is happening. It also happens with corporations doing business in other countries as well, of course those other nations are known to be corrupt, and many corporations just see it as a cost of doing business, after all, that’s how all business is done there.

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