Types And Advantages Of Butterfly Valves

As far as valve applications, space and weight are concerned, butterfly valves provide a lot of advantages over other valves. You can classify them into manual, electric, pneumatic valves. In this article, are going to take a look at different types of these units and the advantage they offer. If you are wondering if these units are the right choice for your business, this article may help you. Based on the advantages these units offer, you will get a better idea if there can be more suitable for you than other types of units. Read on to find out more.

Thermoplastic Type

These units are available in lug and wafer styles. Each of these types has a different installation procedure. The lug style type is used in a system where a low-pressure rating is required most of the time.

Triple Offset Type

These units feature high performance and can be found in refineries. Apart from this, they can be found in offshore systems, especially in environments where conditions are extreme. Some triple offsets feature of the metal-on-metal seat and disc closure. The beauty of this system is that it is fire-resistant.

Double Offset Type

These units are designed to withstand temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. These valves feature a double offset disc. Besides, it has a stem that allows the disc to go back into position when closed.

Inflatable Type

This product makes use of an inflatable seat to create a seal around the disc. As soon as the disk hits the closed point, the system pumps up the bladder pneumatically. In these types of units, the seal is created once the disc is closed, which is why less power is required to make the disc closed.

Advantages Of Butterfly Valves

Listed below are some of the advantages of butterfly valves. Based on these advantages, we can say that these units are preferable to other units

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