A Simple Truth

The shortcomings of this past climate change conference will have far reaching consequences through-out the globe for years to come. The stranglehold of big money interests over the solutions in combating global warming continue to put the planet and humanity in harms way. Unrelenting catastrophic catastrophes that have increased in severity and intensity are at a record pace each and every year. Even though there are viable solutions with existing technologies to negate the effects of Global Warming there has been no unified effort to implement them.

With so much discord and reluctance to accept known facts all of humanity is at risk. Risks that should never occur. Yet, everyday the travesties of denial are occurring all too frequently. And, this past Climate Change Conference shows just that. We in the United States whose leaders were once looked upon as inspirations for other nations today our leaders are scorned and ridiculed. Let us not be beguiled by the allure of power and wealth. Instead let us embrace a future free from want and free from fear. With all the tools available today there is no reason why mankind cannot embrace a future in harmony with nature.

There is a lesson to be learned from this past Climate Change Conference and that is many of us especially some leaders are conjoined with the ruling class that acts contrary to this single truth of our rapidly changing world. A world that is hurdling toward eminent disaster. One would ask what can we do when humanity is facing a future filled with violent reprisals from nature? Reprisals that are pushing mankind to do unthinkable horror.

Just think about that. With rising sea levels that are causing extremely high desalination levels that are the main causes of why there has been more frequency of violent weather patterns all around the globe whether they are typhoons or hurricanes, extreme drought conditions, and massive flooding. All of these are direct results of our denial to accept what global warming is doing to our world. It is these extreme conditions that have been and will continue to occur that creates the hostility and violent reprisals that we have and are seeing today. When billions of dollars are wasted in trying to recoup from the devastating after effects and realize that so many lives and livelihoods could have been saved by instituting solutions that negate the affects of global warming has to be more than enough reason why we should have acted more swiftly to put those solutions in place well before disaster strikes.

It is a very sad commentary for our world when we have leaders who refuse to act and are being brought and paid for by big money conglomerates. It is these conglomerates though that have yet to realize they stand to gain instead of loose when they begin to usher in policies that actually increase green energy reforms of eventually eliminating carbon emissions. I can’t help thinking about what the big oil and the auto industry did to the Tucker Automobile back in the late 1940’s. The Tucker was a revolutionary concept car and yet the oil and the big three auto manufactures were so against Tucker mass producing that car all because it would have cut into their profit margin. And, they couldn’t allow that so they sabotaged Tucker and his dream. All for profit. The same can be said today by the oil industry and certain leaders in their refusal to accept the simple truth of Global Warming.

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