How to Brand Yourself in Real Estate – Simply Explained!

Things can’t get simpler than learning your ABCs. So to explain how to brand yourself in real estate, let’s use ABC.

A is for ask. This is the research step of how to brand yourself in real estate. Ask friends, family, colleagues, and former clients why they like you, what is special about you, what are you good at, and what makes you unique. You’ll be surprised by the answers. For example, a real estate agent, Jamie, asked her circle of influence these questions. And let’s say that the fictional responses she got back indicated that she is caring and makes people feel welcome, and someone jokingly said that she also makes the best coffee. She has completed the first letter of the ABCs of branding herself in real estate.

B is for benefits. This is the step where you take all the information you discovered during the previous asking step and answer the question “How does this benefit my clients?” Shopping for a home can be one of the most stressful life events for someone. Working with someone that cares and is welcoming can help to de-stress the process. Even making really good coffee helps people feel cared for and welcomed. So these are the brand elements for our make-believe real estate agent, Jamie: caring, welcoming, and coffee.

C is for communication. This is the fun part of creating a brand. This the part where you get to communicate your brand elements to the marketplace. Since Jamie’s brand is caring, welcoming, and coffee, the colors on her marketing materials should be earthy colors that make people feel welcome, perhaps even a touch of café au lait (the color, not the coffee). Her professional wardrobe should also consist of these colors. Maybe even her “power suit” is a dark chocolate brown skirt suit with matching high heels and an ivory silk top.

Perhaps one side of her business card is a picture of a welcome mat. Maybe on her business card is written “Contact me for your real estate needs or for the best café mocha recipe in the entire tri-state area.” Perhaps, every time she goes out to visit homes with clients, she makes sure to have a thermos of coffee. When someone gives her a referral, she sends him or her a coffee-themed gift basket. Do you see how these different actions clearly communicate Jamie’s brand and sets her apart in a crowded marketplace?

Jamie is now ready to take her real estate career to the next level, and the spark that ignited this rapid ascension was all because she could make a killer cup of coffee. Who knew a hot cup of Joe was her answer to the question of how to brand yourself in real estate?

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