Few Tips on Finding the Best & Legit Virtual Assistant for Your Business

The Internet controls almost everything in the world right now, from the smallest to the biggest things in the industry today. Having a virtual assistant in this age of technology is one of the best things that you can do to make things easier for you as a business owner.

Online personal assistants are mostly self-employed individuals that are providing the service of an office assistant virtually. The work of a VA includes administrative work like managing emails, technical or creative skills and support services for personal needs and business. Services may also be voice or non-voice service.

Other clients tend not to hire one, because of other people’s doing like making lies on their resume just to get the job done, and when the client needs the service that was promised on the resume given, the “VA” cannot give the said service because it was all just a lie and they do not have the skills to do the task that was given.

So just to be safe from incompetent VA, here are some few tips on finding the best virtual assistant for your type of business:

Has Proof!

Of course! The first thing a client should look if he/she wants to hire a VA is proof, like an Online Portfolio, Curriculum Vitae, and accomplishments in this type of industry to know if he/she really has the right skills to work as your personal assistant.


Make sure that the VA is reliable, and up for the job. Sure the online portfolio and CV is pretty impressive, convincing and says all the good stuff, but it doesn’t mean that he/she is already reliable enough. Investigate thoroughly and properly before hiring, like reading feedbacks of his/her previous clients if he/she did good or bad.

Has Good Communication Skills

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