How to Get Your Free Wheelchairs Through the National Health Service

You might not be aware of it, but you can get a wheelchair, fully or partially supported though the NHS, via the Wheelchair Service at the NHS.

These Service for Wheelchair are managed by local departments of the health authorities and the services are organized differently by each of them, including such aspects as eligibility criteria to decide on the type of wheel chair they will provide and who is qualified to get a funded wheelchair. Other issues also significantly vary such as the period of time between referral and assessment.

However, the following main processes are the same: referral to the Wheel chair Service in your community; the assessment process of your needs; the discussion of the time period and funding options; wheelchair and training is provided (if required) and arrangement of a maintenance pan.

You will be referred to the Wheel chair Service by your therapist or your doctor. Check your local NHS for more information and for the assessment to be carried out. You might wait up to 6 months for your situation to be assessed. Though the assessment a qualified professional will discuss your needs along with all the circumstances the wheelchair is going to be used.

The possible funding option will also be reviewed with you and NHS will decide if you are eligible for a full or partial funding. The time for the delivery of the wheelchair greatly vary on local resources and also on the wheelchair type you need.

Once the wheelchair is all set, a handover will take place at your home or at the NHS Wheel chair Service of your community. You will be informed on the safe usage of the wheelchair and also on the person in charge for the maintenance and repair of the wheelchair.

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