What Their Furniture Says About Them

Have you ever noticed that whenever you walk into a friend or family member’s house that their furniture seems to reflect their style and personality? This is true most of the time, and many outlying factors can play a key role in their furniture choices. Let’s talk about three people you’re sure to come across at least five times in your life and how their furniture reflects their lifestyle: the poor college student, the artsy artist, and the 30 year old geek who still lives at home with his parents.

Poor College Student
Usually a male in his early twenties, the poor college student takes whatever handout he can get, which even includes second, third, or fourth time around furniture hand me downs. Once you walk into his apartment, the first piece of furniture you manage to eye under all the mess is the couch. Wanting to get his money’s worth for making such a large purchase, in most cases the couch will actually be a bed – a pull-out bed.

Another key piece of furniture he’ll have in his apartment will be the television and if he’s lucky, the TV will be sitting on some sort of media console. If he’s lucky he’ll have a media console that fits all of his CDs, DVDs, DVD player, video games and gaming consoles. Those who don’t fare quite as well will usually keep their TV on the floor or on a coffee table that may have come with the apartment, or was purchased from the local thrift shop.

Overall, the poor college student’s furniture collection conveys a sense of thriftiness, multifunctional purposes, and even borders minimalism as far as the dollar can stretch.

Artsy Artist
Artsy artists are usually described as those who live for their passion – making art so deep, so meaningful and perhaps even so ugly, it’s beautiful. If you step foot into his apartment, or studio as may like to refer to it as, you’ll probably notice that there’s not a whole lot of furniture and whatever furniture he does have it’s covered by a bed sheet. Aside from his stool and easel, he may own one couch and no television set – that would distract him from his work. For studio decor he’ll more than likely have works of his art strewn about – on the walls, stacked on the floor, everywhere.

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