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Publishing has taken an entirely new paradigm with the introduction of blogging. Now anyone and everyone can create a blog, publish it and can share it with friends, family and general public. The concept of blogging has taken the world of e-publishing by storm. There are various platforms available for free on the Internet where one can set up a personal blog or an official blog in no time. WordPress and Blogger are the two most popular names when it comes to creating or setting up a blog. You don’t have to register a domain and pay for it. All you need is a unique blog title and you get going in no time. If blogs were the big thing of the last five years, it will be the web in the coming time. If blogs were the big thing of the last five years, it will be the web blog in the coming time.

Mobile Web Blogs hold huge promises

Mobile web blogs may be at the nascent stage at this time but digital marketers have understood the potential in mobile web blogs. Companies keeping in view the importance of mobile phones in the coming times are aligning their resources and budget to the growing need of creating a mobile blog. For mobile blogs platform hold huge promises for digital marketers. It makes it easy and cost effective to reach your target audience with mobile web blog.

Mobile Web Blogs are quick and easy to share

It is extremely easy and quick to share Mobile blogs among family, friends and customers. You can publish a mobile web log in the form of an image, text or video as well. There are many advantages of mobile blog when compared to a normal blog. You may not be able to access a normal blog on the go and it won’t be easy to update with what you see and do. It would be difficult to share it with your friends and they may need a desktop/laptop and Internet connection to access your blog.

Compare this with a web blog, which can easily be updated using your mobile phone and you can sms your friends about your new mobile post, who can view it in real time and provide feedback on the same. When it comes to updating and informing your customers and friends, quickly and in real time, there is hardly an effective alternative to a blog.

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