The Lucrative Connection Between Blogs And Google

It’s no great secret!

No great secret that is, unless you haven’t discovered
what many seasoned webmasters and just plain ordinary
folks have found out.

“There’s gold in them there blogs!”

Yours for the mining, or we should say writing.

Many people have discovered and are benefiting from
the connection between blogs and Google Adsense.
A lucrative connection that’s earning them extra
money each month as they receive their checks from
Google. It’s putting a big smiiiiiiile on
their faces.

What’s even more amazing, all this can be set up
at zero-cost to anyone who can use a cursor. It’s
a totally free system that can earn you money each
and every month.

What gives? What’s the connection?

Actually, there is no big secret, anyone can
set up a blog or blogs and put Google’s AdSense
code on them. If you’re new to the Internet or not
a webmaster — these things may have to be explained

Blogs are online journals where anyone can write
on any subject or topic that interests them. Blogs
are extremely popular with Internet users, with
an estimated 60 million or more blogs on the web.
Any and every topic (news, hobbies, sports, etc.)
is covered in these blogs.

Creating a blog couldn’t be easier, there are many
online blogging sites that will let you set up a
blog of your own for free. The two main biggies
are (owned by Ask Jeeves) and (owned by Google). It only takes minutes
to create your own blog.

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