Traditional Homes Get A Make-Over With Replacement Windows

The charm of a traditional home is something that you would want to preserve through generations. Most of the old homes that we find today have been around for more than 30 years and are reminiscent of a classic period. Unfortunately, not all survive the test of time due to lack of maintenance, or wrong renovation. A good way to preserve period homes is to renovate by using replacement windows. These days, many window manufacturers have come up with designs that are period-friendly due to the high demand for them.

Replacement windows are custom built to exactly fit the opening of an old window. They are installed without major carpentry work around the window area, which means less time and money spent on renovations. The most common designs are double hung, casements, bay windows and awnings. You can choose from a variety of materials which include wood, vinyl or fiberglass.

Here are some tips on choosing the best replacement windows for a traditional home:

1. If your budget is limited, consult a windows manufacturer/contractor to determine if you need to replace the full window or just the panes or the frame. If wood frames are rotting or the hinges are all broken, you may save more by changing the whole window,

2. Make sure that the new windows are of the right size and proportion. To achieve this, work with a contractor who would be willing to make measurements and give a free quote. Most older windows have panes that are taller than what are available in the market, so pay attention to the measurements to make sure your replacement windows fit.

3. You could choose to dramatically alter your traditional home by using unique window shapes such as oval or diamond. Some designs feature sashes with traditional details that can gracefully complement an era house. There are many windows manufacturers that have a line of historic retrofits which can easily be integrated into your home design.

4. Do not compromise quality by buying cheap replacement windows. Instead, choose new windows with strong support that can last for many years. Replicating the design of old windows is possible, but make sure that the materials being used are of high quality.

5. Finally, consider using energy-efficient windows. Buy windows that are coated on the surface with low-E coatings which can reflect ultraviolet rays from the sun. Look for windows with the Energy Star stickers, as these are the ones that can reduce your energy costs.

If you want another 10 or 20 years more for your traditional home, give it a make-over by replacing your old windows. This will not only enhance your home exterior, but can also create a more comfortable environment for your family.

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