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“We only have what we give.” Charity is giving something without expecting anything in return. We hear the word “charity” every day. Charity equals support, but this support does not necessarily mean money; it could be volunteer work or recognition through news outlets. There are many groups of people who help others. They perform activities in one form or another-charitable platforms, company programs, forums, environmental charities, international NGOs, health charities, etc. One of their best characteristics is that not only do they open people’s eyes to problems, but they also change those people’s outlook on life in general.

One of the greatest obstacles charitable organizations face today is spreading the word about their cause. The best way to encourage awareness is to create an item that suggests that sharing is caring. Here is one type of promotion that can raise awareness and spread the ideas and goals of charities. We are talking about wristbands-they are an attractive decoration for a life-changing cause. They make the charity stand out and be the “talk of the day” by provoking shared beliefs. Wristbands are more than just a mere fashion statement, as they help raise funds for a variety of important charities, challenging people to help make a difference.

Awareness bracelets became quite famous as a fundraising item in the beginning of 21st century, thanks to The Livestrong Foundation (formerly known as the Lance Armstrong Foundation). The yellow band was created by American cyclist Lance Armstrong to raise awareness of cancer. This inspired hundreds of charities to start their own bracelet-selling programs. Wristbands gained even more influence with organizations, such as the American Red Cross, the Breast Cancer Fund, Global Green USA, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

If you want your organization’s message to stand out, consider wristbands-one of the most effective, popular and cool ways to promote your ideas. Thanks to wristbands, your initiative will be noticed and supported. Let’s say you participate in a campaign against AIDS. If you want to push boundaries and take your cause to the next level, why not use wristbands? Remember the ever-so-popular red ribbon symbolizing the fight against this insidious disease? Use red and white-and then you could improvise with numerous colors and nuances to make the band stand out. You could divide colors into separate bands or segment colors on one wristband. If you want to highlight your goals, add a specific message. Screen-printed wristbands are the best solution for messages that require a very specific imprinted design. You could have an inside and an outside message on the band. Or the text could wrap around the band. You can also use clipart or unusual, eye-grabbing fonts.

Wristbands could be a real mainstay of any charitable effort. When using wristbands, with so many possibilities and options, you will be able customize them however you want. From many colors, shapes, and styles to personalized content and art, the possibilities are endless. And one last thing-remember, the more people who hear about your cause, the better your chances for gaining support for it. Get the word out!

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