Why The Jew?

The gentiles-the goyim-the Infidel; they think they know about the Jews. It’s all about the International Jew Conspiracy; the Rothschilds; the Rockefellers and the Roosevelts and others (who are all really, actually Jews).

But they really don’t know the Jew at all.

I am not a religious Jew. I am an inculcated cultural Jew. I’m a propagandized Jew-educated in my distant youth, by some minor Talmudic and rabbinical purveyors of Jewry.

And yet, here I am, a right wing, deplorable, conservative Trumper.

To me, Limbaugh, Coulter, Levin, and Hannity are commies.

Well… not really.

But almost.

I am not a religion person. I am a spiritual person. I have intellectually wondered and marveled. And I do believe that I feel an instinctive Connection to the universe. Or to some unconscious Creator. Maybe it’s stardust left over from the Creation; or dropped by the Creator Itself.

After all; we are all made of star stuff. Stardust. We are all really made of the same powder and power. We are all the same that way.

Anyway, I do think we all sense that singular Connection. We either have it, or want to have it, or maybe get it back.

But why am I writing this? This idea I wanted to share with you?

Because, I had a minor revelation while reading an article by the great Daniel Greenfield.

For me-in a tired, slow image like a thousand ton door opening-my minor revelation suddenly cut through the intellectual, eternal prison bars of Jewish Ghettoized thinking.

This is to say, it illuminated me free from inculcated knowledge of thousands of years of enforced isolation, inbreeding, and the entire, overly-intellectualized Jewish Experience, as actualized within the diaspora.

What had the Jews done to keep going on as Jews, what kept them going-and why?

That Question came to me:

What is the secret heart of the Jew that has enabled and resulted in Jewish survival for 4000 years; for what perceived or real Cause have we carried on-and carried It with us-even in our genes, heart, mind, and in the spilled, smoking blood of millions?

Why are we even still here?

What for?

Ignoring possible outcomes of the persecutive, crafty, vicious propaganda directed against us for thousands of years, what is the real or perceived end result-what is our collective fate-the mission, the goal; our apparent purpose?

Our Destiny.

And why are we thus, so targeted for destruction?

What’s so bad?

What’s not to love?

Say… what about Chuck Schumer? Woody Allen? Jon “Stewart” Leibowitz? They’re all Jews. What’s not to love about them?

Well, of course, I’m kidding. We loathe these guys, and others. We loathe the liberal, socialist, ACLU, “New York” Jew. Who wouldn’t?

But-see-are they actually Real Jews?

Or are they some social construct? A social mutation formed by the diaspora? Some kind of human virus that just eats and spreads?

Or are they compliant, entertaining, servile creatures- resultant from a need to survive, and a drive to Get Along with whatever rulers and enforcers threatened Jewish lives and survival?

Who are-or who were-the real Jews? And what, and why?

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